Key Differences Between a Single Girder and Double Girder Crane

Single Girder Hoist

UAE is a developed country in the Middle-East. It has several industries. If you own a manufacturing unit or industrial space in Dubai or some other city in UAE, then you should know the importance of heavy equipment, such as cranes, in increasing the efficiency of the unit. There are broad divisions in types of cranes you can purchase and use in specific industrial units. It is useful to know the differences between a crane with a single girder hoist and a double girder crane. The differences can guide you to take a decision that would ultimately be beneficial for your company. Read along to gather relevant information on this topic.

Number of Main Girder

In a single girder crane, as the name suggests, there is only one main girder. But in case of a double girder crane, the number is two. You have to be coherent about the exact category of crane you need in your industrial unit by assessing the usage of girders.

Maintenance Platforms

Usually, a single girder crane does not have any specific maintenance platform. There are few cases in which the single girder crane consists of a couple of small platforms to handle the maintenance issues related to LT mechanism. On the other hand, a double girder one has an expansive platform on both sides, aligned to its double girders. These platforms are accordingly utilized for wide-ranging crab maintenance.

Presence of an Under-Bridge Light

The single girder type of crane does not have any type of under bridge light. Hence, you do not get specific benefits in working with it during night time. This is not the case with the double girder crane. A double girder one has an under-bridge light that enables you to work during the night without facing any hassles.

Operation Modes

In case of a single girder crane, you have basically two types of operation modes. You can operate the crane with either a radio remote or with the help of an advanced pendent. When you are handling a double girder crane, the operation is based on either a radio remote or a pendant or even from the cabin. This provides you more flexibility in terms of operation modes.

Maintenance and Price

The single girder cranes are cheaper. But they are more difficult to maintain. This is opposite in case of double girder cranes. They are more expensive but easier to maintain.

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