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When it comes to air coolers, most people are often at a loss about which type they should choose. This guide shall show you all you need to know about shopping for mist fan online in Dubai. Because the purchasing power of residents in Dubai increases, people are now opting for air conditioners.

There are two types of air coolers: room coolers and desert coolers. While both variants have a similar way of working, they have some notable differences.

For the desert cooler it is installed outdoors and sucks air from the environment. The fan is also an exhaust for the unit. It is effective but demands a lot of space. Meanwhile a portable air conditioner is highly movable and can be placed in any part of the house. It is less potent than its counterpart.

Whichever type you choose, consider the following factors:


If you wish to install a fixed AC in your house, consider getting an outdoor air cooler to spare some space inside.

But if you wish to have a portable air cooler, look for one with solid wheels and body. Purchasing an air cooler from a renowned brand can spare you the stress of thinking about quality and design.

A couple of brands on the market boast durable air conditioner parts and components, which makes them ideal for houses in Dubai.

Energy Efficiency

Residents in Dubai prefer air coolers because they consume less energy. So, ensure you take a look at your energy consumption before making any purchase.

If you plan to purchase an AC for a bigger area, then the energy usage will be higher- power usage is directly proportionate to coverage space.

You want to shop for an air cooler than will consume less energy in the long-term. Otherwise, you are risking spending a lot on power bills.

Suitability with Inverters

Check to check whether the AC is compatible with the inverter. In Dubai, power loss is quite common during summer. You should ensure your air conditioner can operate on battery power of the inverter.

In addition to that, the old energy air conditioner takes a lot of energy and cannot work on the battery power for longer than half an hour.

Today, however, modern products are able to offer a smooth chilling atmosphere for several hours based on the capacity of the inverter.


An air cooler, just like any other machine, needs constant care and checking. The cooling media, for instance, is the component of an AC that is replaced often. So, when shopping for one, determine the longevity of the cooling media.

A conditioned air cooler should retain water for a longer period and offer improved cooling than a standard designed unit.

A water pump is another part that requires consistent maintenance. Again, if you purchase an buy air cooler Dubai, it should guarantee long-term performance.

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