Why Should I Obtain a Dominica Citizenship?

Citizenship by Investment

If you are searching for a nice, peaceful country where you can take second citizenship, consider Dominica. It is a beautiful island country located in the West Indies. You can opt for citizenship by investment to start a lucrative business in the country. There are lots of practical benefits of second citizenship. It is good to know them before you decide to apply for citizenship.

There are no administrative hassles during or after the process. The whole procedure is smooth and helps you to get the official citizenship and passport of Dominica. Carry on reading to know more details on this matter.

Time-Saving Option

You would be really happy to witness how less time it takes to apply for and get Dominica citizenship. The process is simple. You do not have to face any technical trouble for this. The investment program through which you receive the citizenship is one of the best available in the world. You can easily pass through the various phases of the procedure. You don’t have to wait for long.

No Need to Apply for Multiple Visas

One of the most essential parts of investment is spreading your business and looking for more opportunities. If you plan to travel to various countries across the world, then a passport of Dominica will help you to a great extent. With a Dominica passport, you can travel to more than 90 countries across the world. You will not require a visa for it. You can easily travel to Schengen countries in the EU, UK and even Hong Kong. This is going to strengthen your business prospects.

Minimal Taxation

Taxation is often one of the main concerns of the investors when looking for better opportunities in business in different places. You would be immensely glad to know that the administrative system of Dominica has a minimal taxation regime. You do not have to pay a wealth tax. Also, there is absence of an inheritance tax. There are no taxes on foreign income. There are no taxes on capital gains, too. Your investment in Dominica would be extremely profitable.

No Residential Obligation

Investing in Dominica does not mean you have to stay in the country. It is not mandatory. You can simply work from some other country being a citizen of Dominica. There are no restrictions on this issue.

Scope for Dual Citizenship

Another benefit of Dominica citizenship is it has the provision of dual citizenship. It means there is absolutely no problem in keeping the citizenship of your original country of birth along with Dominica citizenship.

Consult an Immigration Expert

If you want more information, then contact an immigration expert on matters of Dominica residency, today.

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